Good Bye Chennai

I seriously don't know what to write up here because my condition isn't just hunky dory. This day is one of the most depressing days in my life. I believe sharing is the best medicine for sorrows. So I am here sitting in front of my pc, to write down my effusion.

Thus far, I was the most happiest person on earth. The time was 5.15 PM. I was sitting in front of my pc at office. I had no temparament to work. I took my bike keys and came out of office. I drove back home recalling the past 20 days of my life. September 19th. The day iyer landed at chennai. I was completely excited of his arrival since I am meeting him after almost nearly 2 long years. Karthik has been more than just a friend to me. He is my counsellor, my legal advisor, my best pal, my well wisher, I can just add on and on and on. My life was in complete isolation before he came down. From day one of his arrival the word "solitary" ceased to exist in my dictionary. We hanged out all day, to all over chennai from every muttu sandu to citi centre, lone streets to spencer plaza, beach to mayajaal, and the list goes on as we explored the entire chennai together and with Nivash. I have been in chennai for more than a year, I can count the number of hang outs on the fingers of one hand but with this guy, I haunted everywhere. Just a thought and next moment we would be in Satyam or Citi Centre. Money was 'just' money. To be frank, my bank balance was 67,000 and odd (inclusive of his salary) on October 1st and now it is just 4000 and odd. So just imagine how much we guys would have enjoyed in a span of just 10 days. Forget about the money, money is not the lone thing for enjoyment but being with this guy is. Three booze parties(even though all the parties were at home, I reckon most of my guys would never forget them just because the liquors provided were of high caliber), trip to pondicherry, and many more. It took 35 minutes for me to reach home which was very unusual (normally it takes only 20 minutes). I entered and found noone in the house. I called karthik, he was on his way from Spencers. Twenty minutes passed by and it seemed like two hours. He came and there was an uncommon silence. "Mama innum koncha nerathula kilamburaen da. Pogave manasu illa (I am leaving with no interest)" he said. There was silence again and he headed home.

Nivash and I kept numb and Hidayath made his way home at 9 PM. We went to karthik's house which was at the next block and his mom made us dinner. "Dai catch an auto and come" I told Nivash. He went and came back in 10 minutes. We guys went in bike and karthik and his mom came to the airport in auto. We reached the airport well ahead of the schedule. Even though he was leaving us with no interest, he didn't show it out. We guys couldn't speak. We went to the restaurant and had coffee. Karthik was talking something about england which my ears desisted to listen. I was thinking about me and made a decision tightlipped. An hour passed and it was time for him to leave. I was here at the same airport some 20 days back with full excitement and joy but now things are different. I took the visitor's passes for all and we went inside the airport. We checked the tickets and passport, everything were fine. Here comes the most toughest part of all, bidding adieu. "Machan time aachu naan kilamburaen (It's time to leave)" said Karthik in an uncommon tone. He went with his baggages for the security and we were waiting for it to complete. I hesitate to send off people or the best way to put, I don't encourage myself to be in such positions. We never went inside the airport when he went last but this time we wanted to go in and send him off. I ended up watching a bald headed guy sending off a woman (must have been newly married or committed). She was speaking to him in a highly monotonous voice and I never cared to listen to what she spoke. She was in tears. She hugged him closely, kissed him and said "I love you" and these three words were perceived by my ears. She wiped her tears and went, turned back, gave him a flying kiss before vanishing without a trace. This was completely new to me. I can comprehend their situation and it was a fellow feeling. If it was me, I would never let her go, but I don't know anything about their circumstances. That's life na. Karthik came back and a final hi 5 from all of us and he said "Thanks for the wonderful time da", after a couple of minutes he was gone. "Wonderful things are never permanent", I told myself. It was the most painful and lacrimal send off. We made our way back home. I couldn't sleep. I have had this feeling before when I left hostel, when I left my college but then I cried and now I can't. Men don't cry, do they? Cherishing the moments I spent with him and our guys. Machi thanks for the time. Atleast for these 20 days, I was never alone. We miss you and the good times we had together. Back to the solitary life and yea Solitude is eternal.

P.S:- I am sorry for being a gasbag and publishing an unwanted post.