Jaan Jigiri Dosth #1 - Nivash

     Mr. Nivash Shanmugham, S/o Bottle Mani. My friendship with this guy has story and drama enough to qualify as film-worthy. We both are from the same city and I never knew this guy until our college life began. Thanks to Karthik Vasudevan, we met and the wavelengths matched – that was probably when they figured out that doomsday is not far away! The first memory that I have of him is that he ‘corrected’ a 6th std girl by giving a lollipop daily. Things went fine (only for us) until he completed his UG. That was the time when he became my roommate. I was working then and he was (apparently) doing his Masters. He wouldn't share the house rent (even now he doesn't) and when we ask he would say stories that would put those that Jeeva says in the ‘Nanban’ movie to shame! And that was the year I barely saw him smile. And that probably was when I got closer with him - when we shared love stories and failure stories and most importantly, beer bottles. His girl had dumped him, all the companies that had come for campus placements had narrowly escaped housing a disaster and chose to overlook him much to his dismay and even his parents didn’t seem to be very understanding or supportive back then. And somehow, he found solace in Imran and me.

     Sometimes in a life that seems extraordinarily boring, too many things happen in what seems like a flash and we are left wondering with this questioned in our minds: ‘What just happened?’ Somewhere when our jaws drop and a mosquito, creates and runs a family and dies inside the mouth, we realize this – Life just happened. That, my friend, is what happened in my case as well.

     He became a bleddy professor and made many new friends. MANY. Plus understand the significance of repeated usage of the word here. Consequently, he started spending less time with us. We began fighting like we were a couple, husband and wife (people still pull our legs saying the same). Terms began rotting, or so I thought, there was this one single incident that shattered me completely and I decided not to be so close with him ever again. I even went ahead and told my friends that he is just a roommate and not a friend anymore. And the thing I hate about this guy is that he acts like a girl at times. Girls I have seen till now, I mean. For example, if we have a terrible argument one night, the next day he would pretend as if nothing ever really happened. Faak you man. Like seriously. 

     I tried to stay away from him but since the equation of the Universe demands and directs otherwise, I couldn't. Sadly, we are still roommates. I had to see his bleddy face daily. I read a saying on internet which said "Your best friends are going to hurt you every once in a while, you must forgive them for that". And I swear I keep forgiving this asshole every single minute for all the trash he throws at me (imagery ma) and we continue to happily wreck around with the happiness of everyone around.