Ponmaalai Pozhuthu Leelai Lyrics

Ponmaalai pozhuthu, the song which is on my lips lately. A refreshing number to catch at anytime. Too good song with amazing lyrics. And here is the promo for you. I hope you guys like it.

And you can download the song here.

Song: Ponmaalai pozhudhu
Movie: Leelai
Singers: Benny Dayal, Sathish Chakravarthy
Music : Sathish Chakravarthy
Lyrics : Sathish Chakravarthy

Ponmalai pozhudhu sigappazhagu
Un kobam yay yay yay azhago azhagu
Oru roja poovin mullum thuli azhagu
Un kannil kovam yay yay azhago azhagu

Nee kaathal sollum tamizh azhagu
Nee paadum killai mozhi noorazhagu
Ennai nee thitti thitti pesum
Kochai tamizho mudive illa azhago azhagu yay yay

Ponmalai pozhudhu sigappazhagu
Un kobam yay yay yay yay azhago azhagu

Un koondhal kaatril aadidum pozhuthu
Oru springtime vaasam poothidum azhagu ooh
Un kaigal koondhal kothida
Pookal vaasam car-in ulle veesida
Summer time -in veppathodu neeyum
Kothipathu oru azhagu

Nee ennai vittu dhooram sendrida
Saalai engum kodi ilaigal udhirnthida
Autumn leaves-um unnai pole sivappaai
Muraipadhu oru azhagu

Winter enbathu kodumai aanathu
Unthan mounam moodukindra pani athu
Konjam konjam uruga koodaatha

Ponmalai pozhudhu sigappazhagu
Un kobam yay yay yay azhago azhagu
Oru roja poovin mullum thuli azhagu
Un kannil kovam yay yay azhago azhagu

Or jannal thondrum pournami nilavu
En kaadhali mugamo athai vida azhagu.. ooh
Venmathiyin mugathai kandathum
Latcham latcham kavignar kavithai kondathum
Kodi mazhaigal thalli nindru paadi rasithana – athanazhagu
I love you endru moondre vaarthayil
Haiku kavithai naanum sonna velayil
Punnagaika jannalukku pinnaal olindhathu oru azhagu

Nilavum erange boomi vanthathu
Enthan tholil saainthu kondu nindrathu
Enna maayam anbe solvaaya

Pon malai pozhudhu sigappu azhagu
Un vetkam – yay yay yay azhago azhagu
Oru roja poovin vaasam thuli azhagu
Un kannil aasai yay yay azhago azhagu

Nee kaathal sollum tamizh azhagu
Nee paadum killai mozhi noorazhagu
Ennai nee konji konji pesum
Kochai tamizho – mudive illa azhago azhagu yay yay

Pon malai pozhudhu sigappu azhagu
Un vetkam – yay yay yay azhago azhagu

Sigappazhagu.. Un vetkam azhagu azhagu azhagu..
Sigappazhagu.. Un vetkam azhagu azhagu azhagu..
Sigappazhagu.. Un vetkam azhagu azhagu azhagu..

My Life's Lessons..


This post is not only inspired by my own experiences, it has got some of the lessons I learnt from my friends as well. It is meant not to hurt anyone. In any case if you think you are offended, you can stop then and there.


"There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of self-mastery. From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher." - Robin S Sharma

I am writing this post since one of my anonymous readers suggested me this topic through skribit. I couldn't neglect since this was the first suggestion from my readers. The life lessons you have learnt from relationships (could be based on family, friends or love). I was wondering why on earth would someone want to know my life's lesson. I am no mahatma, nor am I a big cheese. No guy would ever ask me that question bcoz they know who I am. A big time philosopher who has the capability to talk non-stop nonsense about philosophy for days to come. Then why? Only God knows the answer. The italicized words in this post are not mine. They are either quotes or taken from a book or film.

The Lessons

1. Being the son of a full math professor and having a mathematical insect inside my vein, let me start with the formula that teaches you the best lesson of life.

(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2ab

Doesn't ring any bell? Let me explain you then. Any work which is done in pairs or with more people, fetches you a better result than doing the work alone. The square of 'a' and 'b' gives you an additional term '2ab' where as if it had been only one term 'a' you get it's square alone. Simple but powerful. This lesson is acceptable everywhere except sex. No threesomes, foursomes or 'n' number of somes please. :P

2. No matter what, Family comes first. The job, friends, girl friends, girl friend's sisters, every single thing in life comes only after your family. Always remember this, "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing". So love your family even if you don't like them. It's important to make your family relationships work before you offer consideration to others. Respect your parents. You are here in this world, reading my dumb, dim-witted, dopey blog of mine only coz of them. We maybe hardheaded and I know we're far too proud, but, in the hour of need, believe me that there's noone you'd rather have at your side than a kinsman.

3. It's not a problem if you have a 1000 friends, but it is, when all the 1000 of them are your best pals. The number of best mates should always be limited. The number must always be a single digit. The chances of pressure points are huge when you have a large number of best buddies. And also don't ever get close to a person who is younger to you by more than a year or so. My friends always asked me why I had been close to ppl who are younger to me and said it's not healthy but I ignored them. Lately, I did realize that my friends were right. The difference in maturity level will lead to greater problems. So its always safe to be away from them.

4. I strongly believe that there are no guys in this world who are Ramans and undoubtedly no Kannagis in girls. (Click here to know about Kannagi). That's why Ramayana is called as an epic. So don't blindly believe any guy or a girl. By contraries, girls expect their guys to be Raman. If so, there is no harm in pretending to be Raman. Dont be a shithead to confess whatever crime you committed before, to your girl/guy and expect him/her to forgive you. The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Forget being forgiven, don't ever expect the other person to understand you. You go confess your feelings from the bottom of your heart but all you get in turn is "Get lost you lying cheating bastard" from the mouth of your loved one. Even if you go confess, the other person may still think you are a liar. So why go confess? :D. Act like a Raman and get the girl. :P

5. Guys please watch out when a girl comes to you and calls you brother/anna/bhaiya/whatever. Take extra care with such girls, coz being a friend with a girl is okay but being a brother to a girl who is not your blood is pretty perilous. I have also seen guys giving importance to girls than their career. God please save them.

6. Be the one to make somebody smile. Life is short. Make it meaningful by being the reason to make others happy. If people think that you don't deserve to be happy, so be it. Don't let anyone steal your Happiness. If they don't want to enjoy life with you, then just let them be, and enjoy your life without them. Every single person in this world deserves happiness, even if he had committed the biggest crime in the world. Nobody can snatch it from you. Your happiness is in your hands. If you think you are happy, you are happy. If you think you are sad, you are sad.

7. When someone hurts you, forgive them. I believe that Life is all about "loving, caring and forgiving...". It happens far too often. Words can deal a fatal blow to a relationship. People say mean and hurtful things, sometimes intentionally, to hurt the person they love the most. When you haven't forgiven those who've hurt you, you turn your back against your future. When you do forgive, you start walking forward. How powerful this statement is?

8. "There is only one sin. only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness".
The golden words from the book 'The Kite Runner'.

9. In a fiasco, help your friends. When you're helping your friends make sense of their life, everything about your life makes sense to you.

10. Never ever blame others for your own mistakes. "When you blame others, you give up your power to change". That is a quote by Douglas Noel Adams. It's quite important to burn into your mind how powerful that simple statement really is.

11. If you think that everyone stands with u always in all situations, then you are absolutely wrong. Everyone won't be with u always. Actually no one will be with u always. Its your life and you have to live it whether anyone is with u or not. We have to lead our life what ever happens. Just remember you came all alone to this earth and you will die alone. Everything in between is temporary. Just don't get emotionally attached to anyone or anything coz when that thing or that person leaves you, you can see what is death when u r still alive. This one is not directed at anyone. I liked this one very much and so am putting it up here.

12. This one is for those who have loved and lost. Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours. "Never regret what has happened in the past. There is no chaos in this universe. There is a purpose for everything that has ever happened to you, and everything that will happen to you. Remember, every experience offers lessons. So stop majoring in minor things. Enjoy your life". In simple Tamil, "ippo enakku oru figure ah pudichirukkunnu vaiyyaen.. enna pannuvaen theriyuma? Neraa antha ponnaanda poye.. itho paaru.. enakku unna pudichirukkuthu.. unakku enna pudichirukkutha? pudichiruntha okay. Illenna loss. Paavam antha figurekku.. NAMAKKU AAYIRAM FIGURE MADIYUM MACHI.." :D

13. I don't know why, but I get so much involved when it comes to movies. They teach you life's best lessons, don't they?. One such was from the movie Ayan. The scene where Surya and Jegan booze together in the terrace. Jegan says, "Itha pannu atha pannu etha venaa pannu. Nalla kaasu sambaari. 40 45 vayasula apdiye oru stop pannu. Roadla nadantha naalu peru salute adikkanum. Dei Deva, Vaazhura varaikkum eppadi venaalum vazhalaam da. Aana saagum bothu nallavana saaganum. " [Eng:- Do this or that, earn good money, at 40 or 45 put a full stop to it. When you walk on the road, people must salute you with respect. We can live as we like but we must die as good men.]


I hope I covered all my life's valuable lessons in this post. I have a lots more to share but I think this is sufficient enough. I reckon this is my longest blog I have ever written. Now for the anonymous reader who suggested this topic, let me know if I have missed any.

P.S:- I am taking a break from the blogging world for two months till my exams are over. See you guys soon. Miss ya.

Update:- I forgot to mention the most important lesson of my life. It's about relationship. Love your mate. Stay with her. Commit to her. Do not betray her. Do not look at another woman. Do not even fantasize about how life will be in another woman's arms. Maintain, protect, and defend your commitment to your wife/gf. This lesson holds good only for those who are in a relationship. And for people like me (as in, I don't have a girlfriend, I have girlfriendsssssssss), just stick to the other lessons of my life and ignore this one. :P

The 'Ka' Factor

The 'Ka' factor. It has been a nine days' wonder for my best pals recently. I had this as my orkut status and people got confused and were scratching their heads (balls in case of guys), what's the 'Ka' factor is all about. So what's this 'Ka' factor?. It's not a variable co-efficient, not something that is related to physics like the Boltzmann factor or the Bayes factor in Statistics. You might get discontented if you know what it's about. Okay let me not be backward in coming forward.

A few days back

I was busy texting one of my friends when Nivash interrupted and asked me who am I texting all day long. I told him my friend's name and then he noticed something interesting in that. I have had a long list of friends (esp girls). But I get close only to few and only few like me the same way I do. Nivash knows all of them since he is one of the bestest friends I have in my life.

"Did you observe something?" He said.
"Something what?"
"The name. The name of your friend you just said."
"Yea. Her name is Monika. What's intriguing in that?"
"Her name ends with Ka". He smiled.
"Wow. You have brains. And the most astonishing thing is, it works sometimes." I simpered. I knew what he was trying to say.

It all started with my ex girl friend (not disclosing her name) her name ended with 'Ka'. Next was her sister and her name ended in 'Ka' as well. Their chapters are over so now moving on to the next 'Ka' and that's my closest pal Ishika. Words just fail to express how best a friend she is to me. Sometimes the Almighty knows what you want and He sends an angel every time from heaven to make you forget all your worries. She is one such angel who had come straight from the heaven. And finally, the latest to join the club, the club of Ka's is Monika. A medico from CMC, Vellore. She claims herself to be the budding doc and brags often that she has the license to kill just like Mr. James Bond. She is very naughty and I couldn't help loving the way she talked to me over phone the very first time. All the previous club members knew my secret but on the contrary I knew the secrets of Ms. James Bond. I am her Daddy. That's how she calls me and I love my daughter very very much. So guys, that's what "Ka" factor is all about. If you are miffed after reading this post, you just need to have a beer as I keep wondering who is gonna be the next member to join the club. Bhoomika or Priyanka or Soubarnika(Wet Grinder)? Lolz..

P.S:- This blog doesn't mean that all my best buddies have the "Ka" factor in them. Exceptions include Cainath, Seemz, Meera & Sweety