The 'Ka' Factor

The 'Ka' factor. It has been a nine days' wonder for my best pals recently. I had this as my orkut status and people got confused and were scratching their heads (balls in case of guys), what's the 'Ka' factor is all about. So what's this 'Ka' factor?. It's not a variable co-efficient, not something that is related to physics like the Boltzmann factor or the Bayes factor in Statistics. You might get discontented if you know what it's about. Okay let me not be backward in coming forward.

A few days back

I was busy texting one of my friends when Nivash interrupted and asked me who am I texting all day long. I told him my friend's name and then he noticed something interesting in that. I have had a long list of friends (esp girls). But I get close only to few and only few like me the same way I do. Nivash knows all of them since he is one of the bestest friends I have in my life.

"Did you observe something?" He said.
"Something what?"
"The name. The name of your friend you just said."
"Yea. Her name is Monika. What's intriguing in that?"
"Her name ends with Ka". He smiled.
"Wow. You have brains. And the most astonishing thing is, it works sometimes." I simpered. I knew what he was trying to say.

It all started with my ex girl friend (not disclosing her name) her name ended with 'Ka'. Next was her sister and her name ended in 'Ka' as well. Their chapters are over so now moving on to the next 'Ka' and that's my closest pal Ishika. Words just fail to express how best a friend she is to me. Sometimes the Almighty knows what you want and He sends an angel every time from heaven to make you forget all your worries. She is one such angel who had come straight from the heaven. And finally, the latest to join the club, the club of Ka's is Monika. A medico from CMC, Vellore. She claims herself to be the budding doc and brags often that she has the license to kill just like Mr. James Bond. She is very naughty and I couldn't help loving the way she talked to me over phone the very first time. All the previous club members knew my secret but on the contrary I knew the secrets of Ms. James Bond. I am her Daddy. That's how she calls me and I love my daughter very very much. So guys, that's what "Ka" factor is all about. If you are miffed after reading this post, you just need to have a beer as I keep wondering who is gonna be the next member to join the club. Bhoomika or Priyanka or Soubarnika(Wet Grinder)? Lolz..

P.S:- This blog doesn't mean that all my best buddies have the "Ka" factor in them. Exceptions include Cainath, Seemz, Meera & Sweety


TasteMaster said...

I'm sure you'll have a great crush on Kaka...

ashwin said...

Excellent Comment.Hats off to you.

Dei, i found a small mistake as usual in your writing da. You have mentioned it as "an angel". But the situation has already become like a whole bunch out there "a group of angels". I wish all the best for your next love with KAKA.

Raja said...

Flirt Fahad!! :P

ishika said...

so ths is the meaaning of 'Ka' factr...:)) speechless buddy...just wnna say...u r a best blogger...

TasteMaster said...

Thanks :)

Riyaz said...

Guess you were talking about this blog when i met u on akka's betrothal.(Huh what a coincidence for your ka factor! ak 'ka's).But just now i read ur blog.Hope this factor would not extend from ka to ni,na,sha, etc . . . . . Nice blog :-) Keep it up.