Face to face with Baba

Thanks to Gilmananda...

Name - Fahad Mohammed Y
Location - Madras, India.
Friends(Boys) Call as - Baba, faddie
Friends(Girls) call as - hmm... hmmm.... they don't call.... i mean ... they don't call with a specific name.. Suraj, fah, fliku, feddy are some examples..

Height - Tall - Taller than you by 14 inches to be precise.
Weight - Heavy - Heavier than you by 13 Kgs to be precise.
Face - Perfect Circle. Perfect. ( x^2 + y^2 = 25 )
Eyes - Black. Two in number.
Nose - Straight. Long.
Mush/Beard - Depends on the mood. (of the barber)
Complexion - Wheatish. (Chappathi like - but without kurma.)
Sexual Orientation - Refer to the answer to Nose. (Please Consider only the first part of it)
Relationship Status- Vomited.

Dressing - Jeans, T-Shirt (with collar only)
Washing - Dhobi !
Bathing - May be !!
Sleeping - Hobby !!!

Girl Friends - currently two.
Girl Friends - actually One.
Girl Friends - Ok. Accepted. Zero.
Girls talked with - Havent' Counted before
Girls talked with - Havent' Calculated before.
Girls talked with - Ok. Accepted. Haven' talked before.

Occupation - Engineering.
What do you Engineer? - Pass. next question.
Department - Production Engineering.
Languages Known - Tamil, Japanese, No C or C++
What about English? - Isn't that implied given I have been answering in it so far.
Favourite Subject - Mathematics. (kanakku)
Favourite Sport - Cricket.
Favourite book - Hmmm.. How to learn Hindi in 30 days.. Don't think that am learning hindi to fish any hindi speaking thothas.

Ambition in life - To complete writing my novel before 2010.
Genre of the novel - Romance
Inspired by - Real life incidents.
Inspired by - ok.Pure Imagination.

Idea of a perfect first date - Dollar at hash percentage and exclamation at star percentage
What? - $@#%&!@*%
Learnings from past
relationship - actually speaking, the probabilty that given the facts that...
Ok.Stop. - Done.

Life is funny. Ain't it? For those who don't understand, let me explain you with an example. About a month back I was asked to take up a project at Bangalore. I was at Chennai when I got this offer. I didn't wanna come to Bangalore due to some personal reasons but I had no choice. So I came here on 7th June 2009 leaving back a lot of memories at Chennai. I joined work the next day and life was getting better. It's been a month and half since then and a lot (really lots) of things had happened in my life. Now I have been asked to go back to Chennai, which I am not willing though but again have got no choice. I badly want to be here for some reasons but nothing was left in my hands now. The few things are worth a mention which I have written in this post.

5. Rajku's Pulsar. The biggest problem in Bangalore is commuting between places and man the public transport here is so pathetic. I suffered a lot during the first week but I was lucky to get Rajku's bike the next week. It was so helpful to me that I hardly remembered my baby(Honda Stunner) which was left unattended at my home. Rajku's bike was indeed special, the reason only a few of my friends know. Thank you Raj. I must also thank Karthikeyan aka Tapsu for roaming with me (to get the bike) during my first weekend in Bangalore.

4. Arun (My roomie). I am always fortunate in two things in life. First thing being friends and the other is roommates. I have had the best roomies anyone will ever get, be it at college (Karthik Sankar aka Oomai), at Chennai (Nivash, Faisal and Imran) and now at Bangalore it was Arun. It was a tough task for him to have me as his roommate since I am Mr. Untidy and Arun is exactly opposite. One funny example. I had to get up early everyday and rush to office in a hurry. I neither fold the bed sheets nor arrange the bedspreads and I leave my clothes scattered all over the room and go. The room will be a complete mess when I go to office and when I come back home I see them properly arranged and everything will be in place. Where in this entire world will you get a roommate like Arun. That's him. Now you know how hard it would've been for him to manage someone like me as his roommate. I have known this guy for 13 years and he is still the same. He is one of the best friends I have in my life.

3. My team. The first day at office was ho-hum. So the first impression of my team was not so fascinating. Most of them were Gulutes which made me so furious. But when days passed by, they got so close and I loved being a part of the team. The jaunt we guys went will remain as a beautiful memory forever. I was not so fortunate to be with them for some more time. I got released from my project and had to pack my luggages back to Chennai. My boss called me after reading my previous post. Holle.. Holle.. Nagerholle.

"I am really sorry Fahad. It's so unfortunate to release you suddenly. I read your blog and remembered you. So called you up to say thanks. You're a nice guy Fahad."
"Oh come on Prabin. I know I am a nice guy. Tell me something else. Tell me that you will take me back in your team" I thought of telling him that but instead just thanked him and hung the phone.

I had a brief chat with Usha the day I was released from my project.

"Hi Fahad. Sorry about your release. We'll miss you. I missed you a lot today."
"Hey Usha. Stop kidding me. You really missed me?"
"Yes Fahad. While coming back home, I missed you so much.:P"
"Hey half ticket. Now I know why you missed me. It's coz I was not there to drop you at home in my bike. Right?"
"Yes. You're a genius."

I never thought I would be working with a team like them and not in my wildest dreams I thought I would be sent back so soon. I had worked in my previous project for 18 months and now I am having the same feeling, the feeling when I quit my previous team, these guys made me feel the same way in just a span of two months. Thank you for the wonderful time. I will miss you guys.

2. Aravindh aka Blacky. As I mentioned earlier I am always fortunate in two things. Wherever I go, I get the best friends. No matter which part of the world it be. I was lucky to have him here and he was there for me all these 45 days. I must thank Raja for bringing him into my life. If not, I would have suffered a lot since I was lonely here. My relationship with this guy can't be narrated in words. It's divine than the true spirit of love. Tamilla sollanumna enga natpu kaathalai vida punitha maanathu. (Guys please please don't think that he is my boy friend and FYI I am staight :P. I am mentioning it clearly here coz of late I watched two hindi movies and both the movies had gay characters. Damn India and its gay rights). If there is one guy (other than me) who wishes me to stay back in Bangalore, it has got to be this guy Blacky. He knows everything about me and even though he is not so experienced in life, he was a good instructor. Machi don't worry. I have a great respect for this place. One reason being you and other reason you know. I will surely be back and we will have a rocking time once more.

1. During my brief stay in Bangalore, I guess it was 7th July, by far that was the worst and best day of my life. I was completely lost. People get completely lonely, when they lose themselves. I wasn't myself. I was getting lost in my own darkness. I didn't feel the happiness nor sadness. Blacky told me that until I find myself, I will never recover and nothing will happen before that. Losing me was easy but finding myself was really harder. The pain I went through couldn't be explained in words. Then I saw a girl. I have seen her many times before but this time it was different. I found myself in her smile. Her smile was a solace to me. She seemed like the most beautiful girl on this planet with the most infectious and captivating smile. She has got something. Something that can make a sad guy forget his worries in a jiffy and make him happy the next second. That moment. I still remember, my world went upside down. Just a couple of minutes back I was in so much pain and after seeing her everything just vanished like a flash. That was the day I started admiring her. I don't know her personally and we hardly talked with each other. I have seen many beautiful girls but she was special. Special in her own ways. I liked her so much that I went home, showed my mom her picture and said "find a match like this girl if you want your son to be happy forever". My mom just smiled and she knew what I meant. Some six months back I didn't believe in Almighty but Miyu proved it wrong. Till the moment I saw this girl, I didn't believe in destiny and now I was wrong again. We were destined to meet. I was made to come here for a reason. The reason being her and Blacky. I have come out of my worries completely now and they seem like a dust to me. Thanks to you Girl. The world is small. We'll meet again. Amen ;)

Update:- Before leaving Bangalore, I sent her a message thanking her for her role as one time succorer in my life and straightaway came the reply. "Hey fahad..." I didn't read the entire message. The first part alone made me float on air. A million thanks to you girl. Have a mast mast life.

Holle... Holle.. Nagarholle

My sincere thanks to
Ami, Hemendra, Prabin, Rajan, Ramesh, Ritish, Shobha and Usha (Half ticket)

My special thanks to

The hour hand and the minute hand in my watch were separated by 120 degrees when my mobile signaled me its time to get off the bed. This was the first time at Bangalore I ceased to sleep at 4am, the reason being the jaunt my office mates planned to Nagerhole. I saw my face in the mirror and was like a sleepy-eyed child with drooping eye-lids. I went to the loo and saw something terrible and shuddery. "Baaahhh!!!" I squawked and came running back to my bed just like the little zoozoo after seeing his dad's adonism in Vodafone ad. Arun, my roomie roused from sleep coz of my loud cry. He asked me what happened. "Machi, Cockroach da!" I answered politely. "$@#%&!@*% (Dollar at hash percentage and exclamation at star percentage)" was the reply from him and went back to sleep. I somehow managed to take a hot shower and Mr. Cockroach was still there doing his surveillance on me. I got three wake up calls from my mates and was ready by 5am. Arun got up and came to drop me at kundanahalli gate. Sun was yet to be seen when I reached my pick up point.

The tempo traveller halted its motion in front of me and Ritish (Our photographer) manifested from its exit to take a cool snap of me. We were made to wait for about 10 mins since Prabin was late. Everyone looked perked up after the early morning shower and we had a small chat. "Thala, enna ivlo periya bag? Enga kooda thaane vareenga. Illa apdiye oru vaaram trip adikka poreengala?" I asked Rajan. "No tamil. You will be banned" interrupted Ami with her gratifying voice. Thats her usual dialogue whenever Rajan and I talk in tamil in front of her. Usha with her outfit looked as if she was ready to go skiing. Shobha as usual was very energytic. Satya (Our co-ordinator) was busy on phone trying to make sure the SLA's were met for the trip. Prabin arrived with a big smile on his face. We then started and picked up Ramesh from his place and moved to Hemendra's Apartment. When I entered his house I was like WOW. I have never seen such a tidy and a perfect house in my life and all the credit goes to his wife (Courtesy: Hemendra).

It was fun right from the word go. In conformity with all trips we played dumb charades . We halted at Kamat to have our breakfast 1. Satya had planned for two breakfasts and this was our first. So the ten of us, oops. Sorry. Nine and half of us headed to Nagerhole after the breakfast. I don't know why I liked pulling Usha's legs and she often does the same to me as well. Half ticket - I reckon that will be her name henceforth in our team. Lol. We played till we got tired. The vehicle stalled in the way and we got down to admire the weather and the near by elephant training centre. Only then I came to know that Ramesh had a keen interest in Photography. I can empathize with him since I am a amateur photographer myself. On the way we saw many herds of deers. It was already noon when we reached our destination. About the place in a gist - Well protected forest area with qualites that can delight your senses. The drizzles made it more romantic and I just loved being there. Sathya and co went for a small trek and we started playing cricket splitting into two teams and it was so damn funny.

After heavy lunch, we headed to Irpu waterfalls. This was where we relished ourselves. We feasted our eyes on the Waterfalls but hard luck we couldn't get into to it due to the heavy cascade of falling water. We still got drenched in the mistlike drops from the falls. Rajan, Ritish and I donated our blood to three living beings, the three leeches. Ritish and I were fortunate to have them suck our blood in legs whilst Rajan gave away his blood from his thighs. Until this point I thought I was the most timid guy on earth but Satya proved it wrong. Seldom you see a married guy like him getting afraid of the leeches (or be it anyother insects for tat matter) and man o man he was so afraid that he kept examining his legs every two mins. We got back to the homestay and started playing cards till midnight. We were given a visual treat from Ramesh who made us watch the first five minutes of the most disgusting movie 'The Wrong Turn' and Satya almost puked. It was almost 2am when we all crashed.

We had to getup early the next morning for a long long walk. We came back and had the most palatable breakfast. We played till noon and left the place after lunch. It was fun, fun and only fun all the way. I just thought of staying there for another couple of days but fun is always limited right? While getting back, everyone had a short nap except me as I was listening to songs, mostly romantic numbers and for the first time during the trip I was in solitude. We then went to a bird sanctuary which was not so fascinating but was good. Prabin's 'Phenk do', Ramesh's 'Sikkander ka mukkandar' and Rajan's 'Abdullah deewane' makes me snigger if I think of them even now. We reached Bangalore at 9pm, had our dinner at pizza hut. It was a memorable trip to everyone of us. Especially me, who is new to the team and I badly wanted to amalgamate with my team mates. I was in all smiles when I got down from the vehicle since having lived in the ivory tower of seclusion for the past six months, I had the best comeback ever to my normal life. Thank you guys for the wonderful trip. I never actually wanted to come to Bangalore leaving Chennai since I thought I could never get into a team like my previous project but I was wrong. All I can say is that I had a marvellous time with you people and you guys simply rock. Just a bit unlucky but yea everything happens for a reason. Have a mast mast life. Amen. :)

Lucky lucky star Vamanan Lyrics

Well again I am back to lyrics but this time unlike the previous song this one is a typical Yuvan fashion - heavy beats, nasal voices and repetitive notes. When I listened to this for the first time I thought it was written in some other language but lately did I realise that it was indeed tamil. With rap interludes forming part of the song, you suddenly realise how essential the accompanying lyric booklet is as that is the only way you're ever going to understand the words. I searched for the lyric online but couldn't find one. So I sat to jot down the lyrics myself which I assume is 99% correct. Enjoy the lyrics. I feel this song is completely narcistic.. And I couldn't comprehend the final rap thing. Sorry if you find that wrong.

Film:- Vamanan
Music:- Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers:- Blaaze, Suvi and Mohd Aslam

Ah ah ah ah..
Ah ah ah ah..
Ha haaa..
Yeah yeah yeah yeah..
Huh huh huh huh..

Ini engum eppothum.. Ivan ettu pookkaalam..
Vaa endru koopiduthe... Valamaana ethir kaalam..
Ithayangalai pidithu vittaan.. Ivan dhisai inimel sukra dhisai..
Ilaingnargalai kavarnthuvittaan.. Ivan pesum vaarthaiyum iniya isai..
Ada lucky lucky lucky lucky staru kodi katti parakka poraane..
Ivan pogum thooram very very far uh vaanathai valaikka poraane..

Box office vasool kooduthe.. Hair styleum style aaguthe..
Ilam pengal ithayam ivan uruvam tattoovaai maaruthe..
Coffee shop pogavum kooda private jet thaan kilambuthe..
Six pack bodya paatha sixteen ellam polambuthe.. hey hey..
Ada lucky lucky lucky lucky staru kodi katti parakka poraane..
Ivan pogum thooram very very far uh vaanathai valaikka poraane..

Kooduthe.. Aanathe..
Kooduthe.. Aanathe..

Makkal vaasi koottam kooduthe.. BBC um pugal paaduthe..
Ivan thodum tissue paper kooda pala latcham kodi yelam poguthe..
London wax museum um kooda ivan silai seyya theduthe..
Adada antha hollywood kooda call sheet kettu thorathuthe..
Ada lucky lucky lucky lucky staru kodi katti parakka poraane..
Ivan pogum thooram very very far uh vaanathai valaikka poraane..
Ithayangalai pidithu vittaan.. Ivan dhisai inimel sukra dhisai..
Ilaingnargalai kavarnthuvittaan.. Ivan pesum vaarthaiyum iniya isai..

Ada lucky lucky move ana move ana base now let the (dash) make your move around..
Ada let me let me let me show my brain now, if you wanna sing now move around..

Preaching to the converted..

This world is full of surprises.. Ain't it? One such surprise to me was this reply to my posts “Welcome to Chennai Airport” and “Good bye Chennai” by my bestest friend Karthik Vasudevan a.k.a KV. Just have a look at this link.


I should have posted this long back but I don't know what stopped me. You rock machi. You are a top bloke mate. Cheers. :)