Psychos Never Die

Dear Psycho No. 2,

I don't know how to start this. It's been so, so long since I wrote something; so long that I feel I have lost the writer in me. Nevertheless, I am writing this letter to you because I want to tell you something before you leave this place. I wish I had known you when I was young, or at least when you had hair on your head. Isn’t it strange - we both grew up in the same town, our houses just a hundred yards away, you had to pass my house (Devi Nagar Tollgate, as you call it) every time you had to go to your school and yet we never met. Had we met, these would probably been our mind voices: Nee - Yaaruda ivan paal kudikkura pilakaa payyan mathiri irukkaan! Naan - Yaaruda ivan domeru vella pannikku dress pottavan mathiri irukaan! And with that and not a word said aloud, we might have walked past each other.

The Vinayak Suzhi happened when you became my roommate at Saidapet, to be precise, the post New Year party that we had had in our room with Nivash. I was floored when you took my side and chastised Nivash for leaving me alone for the New Year eve's party. That was the day. I still remember our stay at Saidapet - the four psychos surrounded by Iyer-aathu families, making us feel like aliens - how you used to karichi kottify the neighboring maamis for drowning all your snores in their loud and useless gossip, how we sighted figures in our colony and how we fought over for the sundal that they gave us in colony temple.

If asked to choose: friend or figure, you will always choose the former. And that is what I like in you (Actually, the main reason for that, as Nivash would say, is that you never have/ will have figures in your life). This is not the first time we are going different ways, it had happened a couple of years ago, when I had to leave for Bangalore for work. I don't remember if I’d had the same pain in my ass as I have now. I am quite sure you will miss this place, if not us (Nivash, Dinesh or me), the half plate Kuska, the sumaar looking figures who will look back at you, the beach and many other worthless stuff.

As you know, I am a braggart. I usually brag a lot more when I am with you, just to make you talk and enjoy the comebacks that you give me. If there is some person who can surpass Santhanam or Siva Karthikeyan in giving counters, it will definitely be you. I am sorry that I pester you always, calling you sottai (sadly, that's the truth), or mentioning your dad or your shape, or your eight years engineering degree (that's the truth again), etc. The actual fact is, I like you to take the piss out of me. Not to forget the Murattu Singam kavithais from you. You're truly a creator, man! If I manage o make a movie in my lifetime, for sure, you will be the comedy script writer of the film. If the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine" is true, then I bet people who are with you will live for more than a hundred years. You have that in you, the knack of making people laugh so easily.

Even after knowing life, the phases of it, I somehow cannot digest you leaving us. I know I am talking as though you are going to some other planet, but still, we will not be under the same roof again - fighting over silly things, mocking each other, make maggi and eating it together at home - the reason why I am delaying my marriage this long, for the life with you, Nivash and Dinesh. Bachelor's life is the best and you people are a true example for it. I get splinters in my stomach each time thought of you leaving us strikes my mind. I don't really want to show it and at the same time I cannot digest the pain. I wish you the very best for your future endeavors, wish you get back your hair (at least partially), wish you go to gym and become like Salman Khan, wish you get the most beautiful and caring wife (I seriously don't; that's just the part of the sentiment that I am putting). 

I will miss you Mr. Pop Khan (Idhu usualla naan ella ponnungalukku solra mathirinnu ninaikkatha). No matter what, life is never going to be the same again for me, without YOU!

Yours Lovingly,
Psycho No. 4.
P.S- Perfectly, my blog hits its half century by immortalizing my only great friend who has crossed that milestone in life - Pop Khan
Editing Courtesy:- Sivagnanavathy Ksk aka Junior