Manasellam Unplugged Kulir 100 Lyrics

I listened to this song accidentally when I went to my relative's place. Fell in love the first time when I listened to the tune, got completely addicted when I listened to it's lyric. I miss my friends so much and this is for you guys. Simbhu made me cry once, when I watched Manmadhan Climax on screen and now I am almost in tears by his song. This song is about friends and the pain of missing them in life. I've them in my life, but this song reminds me of the golden days of my school and college life which I can never get back. I sit in the corner of my room, listening to this song repeatedly with tears in my eyes. I value these tears more than anything else in this world. Friends are always the best. Enjoy the song guys. Sorry about the format, I typed the entire post from my mobile. The lyric may not be accurate.

Film: Kulir 100
Music: Bobo Shashi
Singer: Simbhu | Rap Abishek, Shivam, Srikanth

Hey yo. This song is dedicated to everyone, who miss their friend. This is how it feels.

Manasellam unnidam koduthaen ennuyir thozha.
Pazhasellam ninaivukke varudhe neril vaada.
Vaanendru unnaiyum ninaithaen vaanavillai marainthaaye.
Thirukuralai vanthu en vaazhvil iru variyil mudinthaaye.
Kan moodinaal irulethu neeye therigirai.
Naan pesinaal mozhiyaga thaane varugirai... (2)

It's been a while since we last met. Can't forget what happened until my last breath. I regret my actions coz what we had was everlasting, aint no joke man. My heart comes crashing.
Etharkaaga piranthai, enai eno pirinthai, unnale ninaivugalaale modhi vilugindrathe. Oliyai nee irunthai, kanavilum sirithai, nanba un izhapaal nada pinam aagiraen.

So coming back.

Hmmm... Karai mothum alaigalai pola ninaivugal modhidudhe.
Oodhuginra cigarette thundugal kathaigal solliduthe.
Thanneeril kumuzhiyai pola vanthavan ponaane.
Vilaiyadum maithaanangal mayanam aagiyadhe.
Ingu enakkendru ethum illaye.
En palliye mutru pulliye.
Ini muzhuvadhum naan azhuvadhum unai ninaithe thozha.
Kan moodinaal... (2)

I'm walking down memory lane, it's all coming back. Don't ever forget me man. That's all I ask. You've got control on my thoughts and emotions, when the world stops still you put it back in the motion.
Nanbanaaga neeyum vandhai, sollaamaale veedu sendrai. Indru nee ponaalum endrum un ninaivaal azhugiraen en nanbane, unnai izhakiraen en nanbane. Karaigiraen un ninaivile unnai izhakiraen en nanbane.