Manasellam Unplugged Kulir 100 Lyrics

I listened to this song accidentally when I went to my relative's place. Fell in love the first time when I listened to the tune, got completely addicted when I listened to it's lyric. I miss my friends so much and this is for you guys. Simbhu made me cry once, when I watched Manmadhan Climax on screen and now I am almost in tears by his song. This song is about friends and the pain of missing them in life. I've them in my life, but this song reminds me of the golden days of my school and college life which I can never get back. I sit in the corner of my room, listening to this song repeatedly with tears in my eyes. I value these tears more than anything else in this world. Friends are always the best. Enjoy the song guys. Sorry about the format, I typed the entire post from my mobile. The lyric may not be accurate.

Film: Kulir 100
Music: Bobo Shashi
Singer: Simbhu | Rap Abishek, Shivam, Srikanth

Hey yo. This song is dedicated to everyone, who miss their friend. This is how it feels.

Manasellam unnidam koduthaen ennuyir thozha.
Pazhasellam ninaivukke varudhe neril vaada.
Vaanendru unnaiyum ninaithaen vaanavillai marainthaaye.
Thirukuralai vanthu en vaazhvil iru variyil mudinthaaye.
Kan moodinaal irulethu neeye therigirai.
Naan pesinaal mozhiyaga thaane varugirai... (2)

It's been a while since we last met. Can't forget what happened until my last breath. I regret my actions coz what we had was everlasting, aint no joke man. My heart comes crashing.
Etharkaaga piranthai, enai eno pirinthai, unnale ninaivugalaale modhi vilugindrathe. Oliyai nee irunthai, kanavilum sirithai, nanba un izhapaal nada pinam aagiraen.

So coming back.

Hmmm... Karai mothum alaigalai pola ninaivugal modhidudhe.
Oodhuginra cigarette thundugal kathaigal solliduthe.
Thanneeril kumuzhiyai pola vanthavan ponaane.
Vilaiyadum maithaanangal mayanam aagiyadhe.
Ingu enakkendru ethum illaye.
En palliye mutru pulliye.
Ini muzhuvadhum naan azhuvadhum unai ninaithe thozha.
Kan moodinaal... (2)

I'm walking down memory lane, it's all coming back. Don't ever forget me man. That's all I ask. You've got control on my thoughts and emotions, when the world stops still you put it back in the motion.
Nanbanaaga neeyum vandhai, sollaamaale veedu sendrai. Indru nee ponaalum endrum un ninaivaal azhugiraen en nanbane, unnai izhakiraen en nanbane. Karaigiraen un ninaivile unnai izhakiraen en nanbane.



Sanjana said...

Hi, firstly i must say i mirror your feelings about this song. I heard it on the radio when i was driving back from work and i fell in love with the music. I dont speak tamil very well so i couldnt figure the lyrics but i ve been trying to hunt this number for this last one week. I am glad someone wrote a blog on it. Really cool job:)

Fahad Mohammed said...

it's my pleasure. Thanks for sparing your time to read my blog. This is the first ever comment i receive from a complete stranger. ;)

Sanjana said...

Hey must say i think of you everytime i listen to this song now.. thanx to you i was able to identify the song. Really owe u big time. Ur pretty good @ blogging.. shud keep up the excellent work:)

Fahad Mohammed said...

you must be kidding me.. lolzz.. and thanks for the comments about my blog..

vinod said...

Hey fahad! Insha alla!
Nice work dude! i am in mah final yr i know d pain of missing frends thnkz buddz!
Keep posting!

Barby said...

Hi Fahad, I have been searching for the lyrics and I found the right one.You did a nice work.

Thankyou very much.

Fahad Mohammed said...

thanks vinod and barby..

Srikanth said...

its good to see a blog on this song..
I did the english vocals on this song.. and this is my first song in Tamil film.. im glad its got a good response.
thanks ..


Fahad Mohammed said...

@ srikanth

wow dude.. its a pleasant surprise for me.. i never expected you would comment on my blog.. thanks mate.. wish you good luck for your future endeavours.. adios..

dinesh said...

hi fahad...

really nice work dude...really awesome lyrics...thanks for the blog...

Nadia said...

thanks a lot for the lyrics !!!

anu said...

i like tiz song very much.tiz song really made fell tears in my eyes. these much days iwas searching for the lyrics.

Fahad Mohammed said...

You are welcome :)

anu said...

thank u soooooooooooooooo much for ur lyrics.its heart touching

anu said...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks and 1000000000 times thanks. thanks a lot. i heard tis song 10 times

anu said...

tiz song makes me 2 hear more times so thanks ................... again

anu said...

hi i am anu i hav commented 5 times.and 1 thing ur name fahad is nice.its just a complement.and once again thanks for ur lyrics.u see my comments how many times i hav said thanks. k bye.

Fahad Mohammed said...

hey anu,

thanks for the compliment.. thats really nice of you.. keep visiting my blog.. thanks again for your mail..


Natesh said...


What you said about the song is really true. The song made everybody feel so.

Moreover the lyrics submitted by you found to be correct as I noticed some bugs in other websites and post what I had seen.

Keep up the good job!

senthil said...

Hi Fahad.. I've perfected ur lyrics.. if u dont mind

Hey yo this song is dedicated to everyone, who miss their friend,
this is how it feels...

Manasellam Unnidam Koduthaen
ennuyir thozha...
Pazhasellam ninaivukku varuthae..
neril vaada..
vaan endru unnaiyum ninaithaen
vaanavillay marainthaayae..
thirukuralaay vanthu en vaazhvil
iru variyil mudinthaayae...
Kan moodinaal irul yethu neeyae therikiraay
Naan pesinaal mozhiyaaka thaanae varukiraay (2x)

its been a while last since we last met
cant forget what happened until my last breath
i regret my actions b'cos what we had was everlasting
aint no joke man, my heart comes crashing

etharkaga piranthaay
pin yaeno pirinthaay
unnalae ninaivugal alai mothi vilukinrathae
uyiraaka irunthaay kanavilum sirithaay
Nanbaa un ninaivaal nadai pinam aakiraen

so coming back

karai mothum alaikalai pola
ninaivugal mothiduthe
oothukindra cigarette thundukal
kathaikal solliduthae..
thanneeril kumizhiyai pola
vanthavan ponaanae...
vilaiyaadum maithaanangal
mayaanam aakiyathae..
ingu enakkendru ethum illaiyae..
en palliyae mutru pulliyae
ini muzhuvathum...
naan azhuvathum
unai ninaithae thozha...

Kan moodinaal irul ethu neeyae therikiraay
Naan pesinaal mozhiyaakamozhiyaaka thaanae varukiraay

Kan moodinaal (i'll close my eyes) irul yethu neeyae therikiraay
Naan pesinaal mozhiyaaka thaanae varukiraay

i'm walking down memory lane , its all coming back
dont ever forget me man thats all i ask
you gotta control all my thoughts and emotion
when the world stops still you put it back in the motion

Nanbanaaga neeyum vandhai, sollaamaale veedu sendrai
Indru nee ponaalum endrum un ninaivaal azhugiraen en nanbane
unnai izhakiraen en nanbane
Karaigiraen un ninaivilae unnai izhakiraen en nanbane

I din't know the word Friend had an end...

Fahad Mohammed said...

thanks bro

KartiKeyan said...

thanx a lot for this lyrics.. i m very much impressed by this song.. this song s giving d feeling wen i m missing my frnds aftr my clg life.. i hav searched a lot for its lyrics.. i got t n ur blog.. thanx a lot....

Fahad Mohammed said...

you are welcome bro. I must say this is one post which made my blog successful. Thanks to everyone.

Anonymous said...

hello friend/...........I love this song a lot........becoz I love friends...................and music...........thanks a lot...........