The Differentiae

I recently joined the CAT classes conducted by TIME Institute. A funny incident happened today and I just wanted to drop a line in my blog. Today's class was about Percentage, Profit and Loss. I was into batch C along with four other guys. Our batch had no gals as I anticipated. We had a combined class with batch B fellows for the PPL session and that batch had about 6 to 7 pretty women. The class was exciting and in the course of action I got completely engrossed in the session. The guy who always sits next to me, Dheena from some XYZ college kept on talking obnoxiously during the session and most of them were no where related to the topic that was dealt in the class. I kept asking him to be attentive in the class but he never actually listened to me. I stopped to pay attention to him and started working on the problems. The class got over at 8.30PM and we all packed our material and left the room.

While leaving, I paid close attention to the gals who were still sitting in desks and were working some problems. One gal said to the other, "Hey, this is not the right way to proceed the problem. When the discount and the profit are same... bla bla bla.." She continued. The other gals who left the room were also broaching the same thing. "Arjun invested Rs.2000 on 5% stock and his annual income will be ... " They rambled on. On the other side, Dheena continued his talks. "Ji, inikku namma aalu dress olunga pottutu varale. T-shirt kum bottom kum matching eh illa". I gave him a stern look and replied "Goiyala, onnu en aalu nu sollu illa un aalu nu sollu. Athu enna namma aalu?" "Ada, athu illa ji, ethukku pirichi pesanumnu paathaen. Avlo thaan" That was Dheena. I didn't answer him this time as so many thoughts were running on my mind and kept on walking towards my bike. "Ji, give me the keys. Let me drive." "Dai ennathukku? Ponnunga munnadi scene podava? Olunga pinnadi ukkanthu va. Key ellam thara mudiyathu. En aalu ava bike edukka vara. So naan koncham scene podanum" That was me.

Dheena looked at me furiously and said, "Ennamo koncha neram munnadi Vivekaanandar cousin brother mathiri pesuneenga? Ippo ennamo en aalu nu solreenga? huh?" I replied him, "athu illa machi. Rendu perume ore aala paatha prechana aayidum. So nee t shirt potta figure ah paaru naan chudi potta figura paakuraen. Deal okay va?". We both chortled and while driving back home I told him this,

"Oru vishayam gavanichiya? Class mudinchathum ponnunga ennamo naalaikke CAT exam vara mathiri ennama discuss panni padichittu irunthaanga. Aana nammala paaru. Intha figure enakku antha figure unakkunu vetti thanama pesittu irukkom. Ithula santhoshamaana vishayam ennenna, namma mattum illa. Ulagathula irukkura ella pasangalum ippadi thaan and ulagathula irukkura ella ponnungalum appadi thaan. Aandavanin padaippu appadi"

"Athu ennamo vaasthavam thaan ji"

"This is called Differentia" I answered him.

Sumi Darling... :)

My sincere thanks to Sirajudeen and Sadaf for bringing the most beautiful angel to earth.

"Hey, Do you know who I am?", I asked my darling.
"Theriyathu", Sumi replied in tamil.
"Oh, that's great. You speak tamil as well eh? Go ask your mom who I am"
Without any hesitation she ran to her mom and asked, "Mamma, kaun hai yeh?"
"Yeh aapka chacha hai meri beti, fahad chacha" responded her mom.
She came back to me and replied, "You are fahad chacha" and ran away.

That was the first time I spoke to her. I didn't know then, that she were the angel I was searching for, since ages. She had come down to India with her parents because of her grandpa's demise. I had to get back to chennai to leave for my college reunion, so I lied to my dad that I got to attend an important meeting at office and left Ranipet.

A month passed by and I was confined on all sides by problems. I was used to the problems since it was in my blood and name. My college mates usually mock at me telling that if you search for the meaning of my name in any dictionary, it would be written as the guy with ATP(Anytime Problems) just like the ATM. That was a different life altogether when I was at college. Take it easy policy was my mantra then and so I never gave a damn to these things and my problems. But now things were so different and to my astonishment even I was so frigging different from my college life. I started to feel anxious, distressed and troubled. "Hey come on, this isn't you. Why have you changed? What made you change? Why are you so concerned about problems all of a sudden?" I told myself. I was completely thrown to a corner. I thought this was the end. End of everything. "Are you alright?" asked every single person I met. My mom started to worry about me and my future and in a jiffy, my life was filled with complete darkness.

Then came my angel, my guardian angel to rescue me from all the troubles. I met her again at chennai. My brother was pushing off to qatar and so I went to his in-law's place to see him. My bhabhi made the most delicious biriyani I ever had in my life and before I could start to eat, Sumi interrupted. "fahad chachu, Khaane ke duva bhole kya?". I blinked. Sumi's Mamu also named fahad, gave me a stern look. I could capture what he was thinking from the way he looked at me. "Dhamma thoondu kolanthaikku theriyuthu, ippadi kadaa maadu mathiri valanthirukka unakku theriyalaye da." I gave her a embarrasing smile and started to eat. I started to play with her and I forgot everything around me. Everything in the sense, EVERYTHING. I ceased to pay attention to any other thing other than her. I stopped attending calls on my mobile and I never bothered to read the sms that beeps once in ten minutes. I started to admire her, adore her and love her. I was completely attracted by the way she talked tamil, the way she plays pranks on me, the way she smiles , the way she sticks her tongue out when I take a snap and the way she calls me 'fahad chachu'. And before leaving to the airport, I told my bro that I will take Sumi with me in my bike. Before fahad maamu started to say NO, my bro said "Okay", without any reluctance. Sumi sat behind me and hugged me tight and I started driving. I knew I talked complete nonsense while I was driving but I wanted to make sure that she wasn't bored. That was the time when I realised that this was something special. The kid you love the most, the kid who came to rescue you from all agitations, the kid who is your angel, sitting behind you and hugging you tight. I am out of words to explain how I felt. After sending him off, I was a bit hesitant to go my brother's in-law's place since I hardly knew them. But there was a readymade answer with me, and that's SUMAIYA.

I started to visit her place more often and even my mom asked me, "Ennada, adikkadi anga poyittu vara? Enna aachu? Nee thaan family koodave mingle aaga maatiye?". I smiled and gave the readymade answer I already had. I slowly recovered from all my problems and finally I was back to my normal life, completely. Sumaiya came into my life when I was fired from my project along with four of my mates, the person I loved the most disappointed me, one of the few guys I trusted completely, let me down, I was totally demoralized and patronized about my career and future, I had no shoulder to cry upon and I didn't know what to do and where to go. But now even though I have all these problems I simply laugh at them. She was the medicine/cure/whatever for my problems. There is a saying in tamil, "Kadavul oru kathavai moodinaal innoru kathavai thirappaar"(If God closes a door, he will open a new door). YES, he did close all the doors but in return he opened the most beautiful door that I longed for. There was a time when I disbelieved the existence of God but now He proved me wrong.

And to you Sumaiya (I know you need to grow up a bit before you can understand what I really meant in this post), I owe you my life. This fahad chachu owes you his life. You changed my life upside down for which I owe you big time. I will do anything under the sun for you. This fahad chachu will be there for you, forever. You will always be the special child to me, even if I get a baby girl like you in the future(Insha Allah). And the next time I meet you, am gonna get you the biggest Barbie doll which you asked me for. I promise you my dear.

And for you guys who are dejected in life, there is always a solution for any problem in this world. If one door is closed, the other door will be made open for you. I am glad I found the door quite soon but if you are disappointed with life, try to figure out the door which is already opened especially for you. Let peace prevail. :)

Oh yes. I forgot to mention about the other angel. Hamzu Chanda. I spent equal time with him just like being with his sister.

The kavithai I wrote about her:

ஒரு முத்தம் கொடு என்றேன். அவளும் சிரித்து கொண்டே முத்தம் கொடுப்பது போல் என் கன்னத்தை கடித்துவிட்டாள்.வலியையும் பொருட்படுத்தாமல் அவளை கட்டி அணைத்து கொண்டேன். இவளை போல்
ஒரு மகள் எனக்கும் பிறக்காத என்ற ஏக்கத்துடன்.

And finally when she was about to leave India, I asked her "Just remember this fahad chachu, will you?" Sumi replied, "I will not remember you" with her tongue sticking out. I smiled and asked her a huggie. She hugged me, I kissed on her cheeks and said, "I will miss you, sumi darling."