Ahem. First of all, I would like to thank my friends for their overwhelming response for my first ever blog. It was heartening to see the number of comments and scraps in orkut that I received in response to my first blog post. The comments were both encouraging and critical. Most of them I received were good suggestions but there was one guy who gave a valid complaint. I would request you guys to keep the feedback coming, as it provides me with valuable inputs. Thanks once again.

Okay. Now coming to my second post. As most of you know what my second blog is about. Yes. Its again about a person who had an equal role in bringing me into this world. Lol yes. Its about my dad. One question kept running in my mind when I was writing my first post. Why is that I gave my first preference to my mom and not my dad? May be because, I am from the country which gives 33% reservation for women in the senate or it is the custom in America to give women special treatment or its just "Ladies first" phenomenon. Lol. Lets forget about it. Many of them felt my previous post to be touching and heartfelt but I can assure you that this post is no where related to that.

Yunus Basha S.Y, the youngest son of Yousuf Sheriff, the then chairman of the Ranipet Municipality is not a struggler. He was just an ordinary boy, with ordinary thoughts but with an extra ordinary character. If you guys know me, then you already know my father. I am just a replica of his looks and character. He overstepped all the barriers that came throughout his school and college life. He completed his masters from New college, Chennai and joined CAH college as the lecturer for the department Corporate Secretaryship. He was no Gandhi or Buddha and he enjoyed his college life to the core as we guys did. He did what all a college guy can do but after marriage, the entry of my mom, he had to quit everything. That's the saddest thing that can happen to a man. Anyways jokes apart. I reckon most of you would be knowing Shivaji Ganesan's "Pasamalar" movie. I have not seen the movie but I have seen my dad showering all love to his pasamalar sister. If I know what exactly the movie is about, it's just because of my dad. My mom keeps advising me to be like my pasamalar dad as I have a younger sister too but I can never ever be compared to my dad. I dont think anyone can beat or even compete with him if it comes to the strong emotional attachments of siblings.

I have seen everyone envy at my dad's slaphappy or the carefree nature. What I envy at him is the number of people he knows in my native. I still remember, I was only 5 or 6 years old then and my dad used to take me out with his Bajaj Chetak Scooter 1989 model. It would just be a km ride but man, trust me there would be atleast a minimum of 20 people who would greet him on the way. And the way he greets them back with his one handed stylish salute and sometimes he joins both the hands to say vanakkam while driving. Well according to me, even our superstar's famous padayappa salute is a dead duck and just cannot be compared to my dad's. Lol. He is my superstar. Yes, every father is a superstar to his son. That's one primary thing I envy about my father.

Noone is perfect right? Yes my dad is no exception. His resentment is his weakness. In fact, his only weakness I would say. There has been a lot of times, because of his temper he strong-armed me and I being a tiddler hated him completely. That's one bad character he has, which I have too. My mom is lucky in one way. My dad is the most tidiest guy on earth. He gets up at 5 in the morning, starts weeping the house entirely and and housecleans everyday. I am 23 now and till date he never allowed me to do any work. I am a jack of no trade. I didn't know how to buy a vegetable, I didn't know how to pay the telephone bills, I didn't know anything until I came out of college.

He never refused to anything I asked him. There was an incident which agitated me very recently, which I would never forget throughout my life. I, being a MBA aspirant wanted to do my masters in NUS, Singapore. There are more than one reason for which I chose that B-School. It's not that easy getting into NUS but when I told my dad about my involvement, who knows sweet Fanny Adams about MBA, but knows it needs more than 20 lakhs, looked unruffled and said, "Oh appadiya da. Eppo venum kaasu. Sollu erpaadu pannidalaam. Aana oru 6 maasam aprom thaane venum? Athukkulla naan erpaadu paanidraen." I stuttered. I was no good son to my dad. Nor was I echt to him but how come he readily accepted my offer. That means he still has some credits with veracity to me. He doesn't have copious money to make me study in such an esteemed school and I am pretty sure that he wouldn't have earned that much in his entire lifetime. That one moment, made me realise how bad I was to him before and it made me think how I must be to him hereafter. I am terribly sorry for being an obstinate son to you dad. I owe you my life. I swear. You are really a star. A Superstar.

Update:- I forgot to mention one important thing in this post. All through this years, I have seen my mom taking a lecture to her students but I haven't got a single opportunity to listen to my dad's lecture. It's quite funny though. My curiosity peaked on when my mom told me some years back that my dad is capable of evaluating an answer paper in just 10 secs. I was like what on earth and come on how is this possible. I happened to see his corrected papers. No tick marks, no comments, nothing. Just the marks along the left column of the paper. Amazing isn't it? So this intensified my inquisitiveness to attend his lecture. Four more years for his retirement, so please guys wish me that I would sit in his class and listen to his valuable lecture (though its complete Greek and Latin to me) at least once in my lifetime.

P.S:- Its true that he'd never refused anything I asked him but there is one thing which I don't even dream, he'll accept in my life.


Anonymous said...

Well well.. what should I say.. Not bad mama..

I might not be your best friend but I have evaluated you more than yourself.

"The comments were both encouraging and critical. Most of them I received were good suggestions but there was one guy who gave a valid complaint." -- I know who this Guy is.

"P.S:- Its true that he'd never refused anything I asked him but there is one thing which I don't even dream, he'll accept in my life." --- I know what this one thing.

Whatever the case be I am always with you THALAI

Jegathiesh P said...

Rocking man. Do keep posting the blogs. Awesome. Improved a lot. Crossed a milestone. It is fascinating to know that atleast of this juncture, you are pretty sure about your future endeavors with your dad. Your use of mother language at apt places highlights your flowery of thoughts.

Jegathiesh P said...
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abis. said...

now i know you more and what you are made up of... very nice family!

Supraja said...

hey dude..started blogging eh?:D cool:)all the best.

Bhargavi said...

First paragraph-layae ellarukkum nalla ice vechchuta.... ;)

I suppose your dad is a really cool person.. except for his short-temper. Parents always want their kids to have the best-of-the-best.. just that we realise it a bit late....

One super star salute for your dad from me!!! :)

Good luck to you.. Hope you get to hear your dad's lecture soon.. Why don't you peek into his classroom sometime :P

About the PS.. what matter? ;)

Whats your next post about? Lemme guess.. your 'paasamalar princess'?! :D

Fahad Mohammed said...

@ akif

I know that you do... anyways thanks for peeping into my blogsite...


mama unna vida naan onnum perusa sollidala... anyways thanks da...

@ abis

mama... en guruve... nee comment pannalanaa kooda parava illa.. en blog ah padichathe enakku parama santhosham.. he he


yep.. arambhichitaen... but un range ellam illa

@ bhargavi

oye... ps mattera thaniya solraen.. inga vendaam.. adutha post ku title mattum thaan sikkirukku... matter thaan yosichittu irukkaen.. :D

ishika said...

"so many wnderfull moments we hv spent 2gather,so many wndrfull years in all kinds of weather,thinking of u dad brings memories to mind,wndrfull moments i will treasure,these u gave me sincerely,thts why my dad i love u so dearly..."- aftr readin ur blogths lines appers in my mind....super buddy...ur dad is great

Fahad Mohammed said...

@ ish

I feel you are much better than me in writing. Why don't you start one?

thangamani said...

Hi Fahad,
Beeing a mother , i am over excited to read about ur parents. Its marvellous .May God bless n give u long life ,as its written in Holy Bible.
Exodus 20:12"Hornor your father and mother.Then you will live long full life."
May God bless n give u more knowledge to bring out ur talents.Looking forword for it.
Urs aunty , Thanga anbu.

Fahad Mohammed said...

@Thanga Anbu

This is the best comment I ever received.. Thank you very much Aunty..


You proved that I am emotional yet again.. ya, tears rolled down again :)


like dis i have some moments in my memory about my sweeeeeeeeeeeetest parents.

Nandhitha Preethika said...

Cool dad like mine ;-)... i could imagine how friendly he ll b wit u ppl.. lucky U.. my fav lines "" iam jack of no trade ,lines which say ur papa is sooper star, de last mysterious line;-) .. gud post again...keep it up sir..

Oru suggestion.. do nt repeat de word LOL more often, it might make de reader bored...also make it little bit humourous wont work in dis case though.. do not make it look like a story

its cool writing again .. cheers \m/