Life can't get any better than this

A few of the 1000 reasons that made me happy.. Not necessarily in order..

The clock strikes ten. You are still in bed. Your mom comes and says, "Mani 10 aachu. Innum ennada thookkam? Daily ivlo neram thoongura?" [Eng:- It's ten already and you are still sleeping. Why do you sleep like this daily?]. You reply, "Five more mins mom, please" and pull your bed sheet back to cover your face. Your sister is home for her vacation and she joins the party too. Two women and one man. You know who wins? Nevertheless you fight hard and manage to get extra 30 mins of sleep. Those 30 mins makes you feel like you are in heaven.

Your sister pulls you out of the bed and orders you to go brush your teeth. You follow her order and once you are done, your mom gives you Horlicks. You are 24 but you still feel like a kid when you are home. Horlicks - It makes you taller, stronger and sharper.

You gulp it and run upstairs to your room, give life to your PC and go online. Hardly six or seven hours since you last checked your mailbox but your inbox has 15 unread mails. You no more go orkutting, only twitter-ing and facebook-ing these days.

You suddenly realise that you have a test in another 30 mins. You hurry to the bathroom, take a shower and dress up. All these takes you only 5 mins. You rush down, eat your breakfast and come out of your home to find that its drizzling. Fantastic weather to go for a 30 km ride in your lovely bike. You switch on your ipod, plug in the phones to your ears with max volume. Ready, steady, go and you speed on.

On your way, you witness the most rarest scene in your life. A mini lorry nearby goes awry and it does a two 360 degree turn but still manages to come to a halt after hitting the bulwark. You know that you are lucky, if it had lost its balance, your bike would have been under the four wheels of the mini lorry. You thank God and raise your throttle.

Your average speed on road is 80 kph.

You reach the test centre on time and take up the test. You do the test exceptionally well and you are satisfied with your performance. You come out, the rain had just stopped pouring. Awesome weather again to ride back home. You light a cigarette and it makes you feel good.

You plug in your ipod again. You are one person who cannot live without music. You sing along and ride your bike at a moderate speed this time.

The onward journey took 25 minutes but the return journey takes an hour. The roads are always open for you. The ride makes you feel as if you are walking in air.

You come back home in an ecstatic mood. Your mom has made the best delicious food available on earth that you long to eat. But you yell at your mom, "Ma, unakku ethana thadava solrathu non-veg seyyathannu? Oru thadava sonna puriyathu? Weight pottutte poraen ma. Inimel veg mattum sei." [Eng:- Mom, how many times should I tell you not to cook non-veg? I am putting on weight. Please cook only veg hereafter]. You roar at her for cooking non-veg but eat the non-veg alone.

You come back to your room. Lie on the bed and think how fortunate are you to have a life like this.

You don't go to office for two months but still you get paid.

You ask your dad for some money, he never asks you how much and tells you to get it from his wallet. You happily take extra dough and freak out.

You know that someone who lives a 1000 miles away, who hasn't even met you in person nor talked to you, loves you a lot and you are her dream boy.

You are 24 but you have a daughter who is 19 years young.

You visit your relatives very often. Play with your nieces, cousins who are kids, you mock at them and they mock at you back. Beg your niece for one lil kiss on the cheek.

You listen to a song and you can relate that song to someone you love.

You forgive people who hurt you the most. You realize that it's only coz of them you came to know what life actually is.

You live a lonely life at your native. You don't come out of your room during weekdays and you never come home during weekends. Weekends with friends, non-stop laughs and non-stop fun. You go for a long ride in car with them every Sunday.

A movie on every weekend with your friends. You have theaters in your area but you travel to the nearest city to watch a bakwaas movie.

No matter how awful you look with your grown up hair, mush and beard. There is always someone who tells you that you look awesome and charming with the mush and beard.

You know you are the happiest man on earth right now and you also know that this happiness won't last forever. You smile.

Your friends console you when you are sad.

You have a brother who is not your blood.

You meet your cousin daily to have thiruttu dum even though you are busy. You have seen people envying both of you for being the best cousins in the world.

You are single.

You have the guts to tell your mom, "Ma, naan bar ku poraen. Pride hotel la puthusa DJ aarambhichirukaangalaam. Naan poye paathuttu varaen." [Eng:- Mom, I am going to bar. Looks like they have started DJ in Pride hotel. Let me go and have a look]. Your mom gives you a stern look but you pay no attention and leave home.

No matter how cautious you are, you always get caught red-handed for smoking by your mom, you sister and your cousin sister. Yet you handle the situation wisely and escape narrowly each time.

You recently become a bookworm and you start purchasing a lot of books, esp Indian fiction. It gets shipped to your home and you open the parcel. Your mom reads the title, 'I too had a love story' by Ravinder Singh and she gives a look as if you had bought a porno magazine. You ignore her and start reading the book. Oldies will never change, esp your parents.

You are a hero in your town.

Your phone bills come crashing down like the stocks market.

Suddenly you wake up from deep sleep. You smile and say, "Life can't get any better than this.. "

P.S:- I feel elated and excited about my life. I will be quite happy even if I die the next moment coz I know that I have lived a wonderful life so far and my epitaph would read "The man with no regrets" :)


Carol said...

...light a cigarette... ( I didn't know you smoke :o
...You don't go to office for two months but still you get paid (man, tell me the secret)
...Your phone bills come crashing down like the stocks market.(hahaha, sorry for you buddy ;D)

P.S.: Hey, thanks for translating "Tum se hi", I didn't pay attentio you had translated. I love that song! :)

teamlorzi said...

GOOD SIR...good one..

//You are 24 but you have a daughter who is 19 years young.///

ennathu ithu... ?

///Horlicks - It makes you taller, stronger and sharper.///

ithula ethuvume ungalukku tally aagatha matter aache...

Fahad Mohammed said...

@ carol..

I have applied leave.. Now my leave balance is nil.. That's the secret.. I am not a chain smoker.. just socially.. two or three a day.. I love that song too.. Anytime ;)

Fahad Mohammed said...

@ prabhu

Yep.. I know that.. It's only coz of Horlicks that I have reached this height.. :P

ishika said...

ahhhh...u gulp HORLICKS evryday??/wow..well thts the secret of ur sharpness FB!!!!.nd u r presenting such nice nd funny bloggs to ur reader!!!!!!..(heheheheh kidding)...again bravo..nd great 1 FB...:)

Fahad Mohammed said...

@ ishika yep.. I do.. thanks a ton ish.. :)

jessica said...

am fahad's 19yr old daughter.. love u daddy...

Ayesha said...

wow.. cute little things tat happen evryday.. amma kitta thittu stern look.. ruby waking u up..tiruttu dum..watching a bakhwaas movi..hero in ur town..

mm..u hv got a gud list!njoy... b the same ever:)

Fahad Mohammed said...

ofcoz I will.. :)

Thinagesh said...

very interesting.. made me think how nice life can be.. thankz a lot..