A tragic comedy story

This post is ONLY for people who can read and understand Tamil.

Well, I hope you people remember this girl, Shriya aka my junior. If not, she was the one who edited my previous blog post My life as a smoker and is going to edit my forthcoming blogs posts as well. :P A couple of days back she requested me for my pics. After sending all my pics, I asked her "why do you need the pics?" and she replied "Adha solla maattene :D". She is one big time loose, I thought. And this morning she asked a weird question, "Max kochikiteengana enna panuveenga?". Something jabbed me inside that she is going to do something stupid. "Enna matter nu sollu" "Adha solla maattene :D" came her hasty reply agin. After some two hours, I received a mail from her with a ppt file attached to it which said:

"I wish I knew how to add a song, mix sounds, cut sound clips, etc. :( Video pananum nu aasai. :( Epdinu terila.. Ipo patience ila! :s I wanna know how you will react to this! :s Hope you like it! :ss

With love,
Jun. "

I must also thank Mayank Raichura (my junior's bestie) for converting the ppt into a video with background scores. I have added both the presentations below. Just have a look and tell me what you think about it.

After going through the presentation, I was completely out of words. Two things were running in my mind. 1. Which dumbo in this world would spend his/her valuable time for creating a crazy presentation like this? 2. Who is the only girl that could banter me in all ways and could still bring a smile on my face? Both questions have the same answer. Shriya aka Junior. I don't want to boast about our relationship. Hope it’s something that goes along the lines of - lasts long, really long. Ding Dong!

P.S:- I am glad that I have you in my life, Jun. This boss loves you loads. :)


Ayesha said...

:D :D :D.. tat was realy funny. ipdi pata presentation lan unakku dhan correct ah irukkum. nd hv to appreciate Shriya aka junior for hr patience!tat ws nice to watch. vijay ku adutha mass hero neeya dhan iruppa nu nenakran :D. kalakku.

farfash said...

GUD WORK by shriya,,,, congooo 2 her!:)

Just Someone said...