Kanavugal Meipadum..

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility if you go huffy after reading this post. This post has no logic whatsoever, its the most senseless post I have ever written but I hope you like reading it.

"I am already late da. The bus will leave sharply at 7 pm and its already 5.45 da. Ride the bike fast dammit"I yelled at A.S.Karthikeyan with a precipitated voice.
"Dei just relax. We are almost there da. Did you take your passport and visa?" answered ASK.
"Yep. I checked that more than a million times"
After 10 minutes, we reached CMBT, Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus. "The check-in time is 6pm. Just hurry up" ASK told me.
"Okay machan. Thanks for the drive. See you in a week. I will miss you. Tata". I replied in a hasty tone and vanished in the crowds.

The security check and the immigration got over in about 40 minutes and I was in my seat 15 mins prior to the departure. I was sitting next to an old lady and we both exchanged smiles. "I am the most happiest person in the world" I told myself. I am all set to go to sydney now and gonna meet Mehru tom morning. What else can I ask for? Having not met her for a year and half I was so enthusiastic to see her. I just closed my eyes and remembered the last time we both met eye to eye. December 8th 2007. The first time I saw my angel after proposing my love to her. I smiled when those moments flashed in my 70mm mindscreen. The long talks we had in the terrace watching the stars leaning on my shoulders, the coffee kisses and many more. 18 months have passed since then and now I am gonna see her again. Only one person in this whole universe knew how much I suffered to get the visa and that's me. I went to almost every travel agency in chennai, roamed from morning to evening for one full week and got what I asked for at the final moment. When I opened my eyes, the bus conductor was glaring at me.

"Boss neenga oruthar thaan innum ticket edukkala"
"Oops sorry thalaiva. Asanthu thoongitaen. Sydney ku oru ticket kodunga. How much?"
"18,495. Sillaraya kodunga boss"
"Oh inthaanga"
"Bus kilamba poguthu. Ellarum seat belt pottukonga" the conductor uttered in a loud voice.
"Conductor, bus ethana manikku sydney poye serum?" A guy sitting in front of me questioned the conductor.
"10 am" replied him.
"Naan kekkarathukulla oru punniyavaan kettutaan. Thoonguda fahad. Kalaila seekiram elunthirikkanum" That was me talking to me. :P

I switched on my new silver ipod nano and shruthi's voice tasted like sugar. The song was 'Unnai kandane muthal murai ennai tholaithene mutrilumaai...' And when I got up it was around 8am the next morning and the bus halted for breakfast in Westminster abbey. You might wonder why on earth the bus went to a place in London while it was supposed to head to sydney. Even I had the same feeling since I didn't know what was happening around me. I dont usually take breakies so I went down to have a cigarette. The bus started again and I got the window seat since the old lady got down at Westminster abbey. When the bus was leaving the bus stand, I saw a girl through the window and she resembled Mehru in every single way. Same beautiful brown eyes, same appealing face that has all the qualities that delight the senses of every single guy, same short but excellent hair as that of Jo's in New york nagaram song. "No. No it can't be her. She will be waiting for me in sydney bus stand. How come she is here? No way. Fahad something is wrong with you" I told myself. I just turned back to confirm if its her and YES. It was my mehru. She was searching for the bus am coming in. "Goddamn. Driver stop the bus. Please hold on" I cried for the bus driver to stop the bus but he never listened. I went to the conductor. "Please stop the bus. I need to get down at this place. Please." I begged him. He replied in a very polite tone. "Cool it young man. You cannot get down here since your destination is only sydney. We will have to answer the immigration authorities if they ask the whereabouts of you. So please take your seat. You will be allowed to get down only at Sydney Mofussil Bus Stand". "F&^k the authorities" I got irritated by his reply. I called mehru on her phone.

"Baby, where are you?" I asked her.
"I am waiting for your bus in westminster abbey bus stand" She answered.
"Holy shit. I just saw you. The bus had moved out of the bus stand and its heading to sydney. Okay. I will get down at sydney and will catch an auto and come here. You just wait for me. okay"
"No problem at all. I had waited for 18 months to see you. Just 4 hours wont harm me. I love you" She replied
"I love you too baby. Sorry. Will see you soon" I dropped the call.

Pannada, porambokku, %^%&%&*#^##$%#%$^#%$6 Its me scolding the bus driver and the conductor. The bus finally reached sydney. "Sydney Mofussil Bus stand ellam erangu. Ithoda vandi guindy stoppingla thaan nikkum" the conductor announced. And then I thought, "Oh Chennaila guindy irukka mathiri sydneylayum oru guindy irukku pola". To my surprise Karthik Vasudevan was waiting to receive me at sydney bus stand.

"Dai Iyeru, nee ennada panra inga?" I asked him.
"Nee thaane da sydney poraennu sonnaen. Athaan unna receive pannalaamnu vanthaen" Its karthik.
"Dai goiyala. You were in manchester right? Eppadi manchester la irunthu sydney vantha?" Its me.
"Share auto la mama. Just one and half hours thaan da travel". That was karthik.
"Seri seekiram kilambu machi. I got to go back to london. Mehru anga enakaaga wait pannittu irukka. Please its urgent"
"Seri vaa nair kadaila oru tea adichittu pogalaam. Sydneyla ithu thaan famous tea kadai machi" Iyer told me.
"Machi enakku tea vendaam. Strong ah oru coffee sollu" I told Iyer.
"I thought you always liked tea. Ippo enna thideernu coffee" Its Iyer.
"Athellam periya kathai machi. Atha unakku aproma explain panraen" I blushed thinking about the coffee kisses ;).

Ada kadavule. Enna suthi enna nadakkuthu. Oru pakkam australiala irukka vendiyava UKla irukka. Innoru pakkam UKla irukkavendiyavan australiala irukaan. Oru elavum puriyalaye. I thought while having coffee aana en manasu poora mehru thaan iruntha. Avala ithana naal kalichi paaka poroomra santhoshathula I got into the auto. Ennidam naan illai. After two hours we were there in Westminster abbey bus stand. I saw my angel waiting for me. I called her mobile, she picked up and answered. I watched her closely, too closely like noone in the entire world would have watched his love closer than I did. Avaloda ovuru asaivayum, avaloda uthattoda asaivu, aval mudiyai sari seyyum azhagu, avaloda chinna chinna asaivugal. 18 maasam eppadi itha ellathayum naan paakkama uyiroda irunthaennu enakku theriyala. She sighted me and came running towards me, just like meera jasmin comes running to see bharath in the movie nepali. Avala odi poye katti pidikka ponaen, someone patted my back.

"DAI MAMA. VARIYA EN KOODA?" I turned back and it was ASK. I got up from bed. I was in F-8, Ground floor, Parson complex, Saidapet, Chennai - 15. It took a moment for me to realise that what I just saw, Mehru, UK and Australia were just a dream.
"Illada. You carry on. Have a good time with your gal. Vandiya paathu otittu po. Shakthiya kettatha sollu" I replied.

It never felt like a dream to me. I got back to sleep and all I did was a million dollar smileeeeeeeeeeee and said I love you mehru. :)

Author's Note:
Please intha mathiri oru mokkayaana post ah ungala padikka vachathukku ennai mannikkavum. Velai illa. Athaan ippadi ellaam. Sorry for wasting your precious time for reading a mokkai blog like this. I truly apologize. It was just a dream and I felt it real and funny. Atleast this dream meant something to me. Athukunnu naan psycho aayitaennu ellam ninachidatheenga. Antha alavu innum pogala. Thanks for reading. Cheers. :)


Raja said...

he he he!!
Sema post da mama!!
I laughed like hell....super cool!!
Mehru kooda foto elaam eduthiya da?? do mail me the fotos!

Fahad Mohammed said...

enga machi.. onne onnu irunthuchu.. ippo athuvum illa.. next time pogum bothu photo eduthu anuppuraen.. :P

Rajkumar said...

super sir........

Riyaz said...

Dai machi, Damn superb imagination da :-)

Fahad Mohammed said...

dai riyaz.. its not my imagination.. it was my dream that came last night.. so you must thank the scriptwriter of my dream and not me. :D

TRaam said...

sema post.....
Mehru va seekeram meet panna
all the best...!!!!

Giri said...

cool maame

Just another Film-Buff said...
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azublog said...

supev dream fahad!!!!