Hosannah Vinnai thaandi varuvaya VTV full lyrics

I usually give some reviews about the song before I post its lyrics. I just couldn't give any review about this song coz the whole world knows about this genius. I wanted to fall in love with someone after listening to this song. Rahman, you're GOD. GOD of Music. I have always liked Thamarai for her song lyrics but now I have become her aficionado. Amazing melody. Here is the song and the lyrics for you. Enjoy

Song:- Hosannah
Movie Name:- Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya (VTV)
Music:- Allah Rakka Rahman
Lyricist:- Thamarai
Singers:- Vijay Prakash, Blaaze

Yen idhayam udaithai, norungavae!?
En maru idhayam, tharuvaen nee udaikavae!

Ohhh... Hosannah... Hosannah.. Oh ho ho..
Ohhh... Hosannah... Hosannah.. Oh ho ho..

Antha neram andhi neram kan paarthu kanthalaagi pona neram edho aache..
Oh vaanam theendi vanthaachu appavin thittu ellaam kaatrodu poye poche..
Hosannah.. En vaasal thaandi ponaale.. Hosannah.. Verondrum seyyamale..
Naan aadi pogiraen.. Sukkoonooraagiraen.. Aval pona pinbu enthan nenjai thedi pogiraen..

Hosannah.. Vaazhvukkum pakkam vanthaen..
Hosannah.. Saavukkum pakkam nindraen..
Hosannah.. En endraal kaathal enbaen.. Hosannah.. Oh ho..

Everybody wanna know how I feel like, feel like, I really wanna be here with you. Its not enough to say that we are made for each other its love that is Hosannah true. Hosannah, will be there when you're calling out my name. Hosannah, feeling like my whole life has changed. I never wanna be the same, its time we rearrange. I take a step, you take a step and I'm here calling out to you.. Helloooo, Halloooo, Halooo.. Hosannah..

Hosanna.. Oh ho ho ho...
Hosanna.. Oh ho ho ho...

Vanna vanna pattupoochi poothedi poothedi angum ingum alaigindrathey
Oh sottu sottai thottu poga megam ondru megam ondru yengu yengo nagargindrathey
Hosanah, Pattupoochi vanthachaa? Hosanaaa, Megam unnai thottaachaa
Kilinjal aagirai naan kulanthai aagirean
Naan unnai alli kaiyil vaithu pothi kolgirean
Helloooo, Halloooo, Halooo.. Yooo.. Hosannah..

Hosanah, En meethu anbu kolla
Hosanah, Ennodu serndhu sella
Hosanah, Umm endru sollu podhum. Hosanah, oh ho

Yen idhayam udaithai, norungavae!?
En maru idhayam, tharuvaen nee udaikavae!

Yen idhayam udaithai, norungavae!?
En maru idhayam, tharuvaen nee udaikavae!

Addtional Lyrics:- (from simbucentral blog)

Naetru unnai paarthaene, paartha pinnae endhan kangal
Unnizhalil otti chella
Kangal thaedi kangal thaedi saalai ellaam selai thaedi
Kandukondaen kaadhal kolla

En anbe, Meendum ennai vittu odi
Kannaamoochi, Vaendumendre neeyum aadi
Irandhaen oar nodi, Pirappaen Naanadi
Un mellidhazhil millimeter punnagai kasindhaalae
Hello Hellooooo Hello Hellooooo

Hosannah, Kaagidhamaai maarinaene
Hosannah, Kaaladiyil kasangi naane
Unnalae, Kaagidhappo pookkaadho. Hosannah..


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VTV chords @ http://tamilchords.blogspot.com/2010/01/vinnaithandi-varuvaya-hosanna.html

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a small mistake in the rap lyrics..

"'ll be there when you're calling out ma name"...


"i'm here calling out to you"..

hope yu got it....cheers....gr8 song....:)

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